Always Remember to Laugh

This blog is dedicated to those of us who get caught up in the stress and grief of the world and sometimes forget to laugh. It truly is the best medicine. It doesn't mean to walk around like a Cheshire Cat, Clown at the circus (which can be scary by the way) or goofy. A great laugh can go a long way these days. Some days it may seem impossible to find that one thing that can set it off. Everyone has a different sense of humor. To me that makes it even more fun.

I personally am a fan of the ole slip on the banana peel on the floor (of course if you are ok) another favorite is when you have quick wit with a special friend that knows you so well that they get it right away. Yes the wonderful laugh that makes you cry, slap your leg or run in place. Those are the best.

When you feel your life is upside down and you are totally lost it is hard to find something to laugh about. But I encourage you to open up your heart just a little bit wider and let some of the sadness go and make room for a laugh.

After losing my son Ben I never thought that it would be possible to ever feel like I would laugh again or even want to. But I know that he loved a good laugh and would love to hear one from all the people whose heart he touched and continues to touch every day.

Keep moving forward,