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Grief and Bereavement Coaching
Bereavement is grief over the death of a loved one and can affect us in may different ways. There is really no right or wrong way to grieve. This is a personal journey for everyone.

Grief and Loss Coaching
Loss is the experience of an absence of someone or something that was once a part of some one's life but is no longer present and/or available. Loss can be the result of a death of a loved one or can be the result of an ending of some kind. At times we begin to question existence itself, meaning of life, and purpose for living.


Grief and Stress Coaching
We can experience grief not only when there is physical death of a loved one but when we experience any ending, including:

  • End of a relationship

  • End of youth and beginning of midlife

  • A move to a new home

  • End of a career or job

  • Beginning of a career or job

  • And any large change of lifestyle

Monday - Thursday
6pm – 10pm 

Noon – 5 pm




20 minute emergency session                   $45
45 minute individual coaching session       $95

Discount Plan:
One session per month - 45 min each      $95
Two sessions per month - 45 min each     $180
Four session per month - 45 min  each  $370

*Sessions are normally conducted over the telephone for your convenience but are available in person at request



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