Take Your Life Back

This blog is dedicated to all my friends that let fear drive their car instead of taking chances and living. It is time to take your life back. Its time to take your life back from anything that feeds your life negativity within it. Take your life back from the things that do not make you grow or move forward. Take your life back from what broke you. Those cracks are your bones from your past . These are there to move forward from the lessons of life. Do not become a flat line and live in the world of familiarity. Each of us has a past and some fracture our heart, your mind and soul.

Use your heart as a compass . Let it be your guide as  curiosity rather than fear.  Stop silencing your guideline. Listen to it. If you ignore it then you will continue to live small in a big world that is begging you to play big.

Don't cheat the world of your unique contribution that you were put here to give back because you will stay unsatisfied. You stay stagnant.  It is ok to be scared from time to time. But do not let it define you.  Take your life back. You will mend from the scars of your past. Wake up each morning and take control of your life and live true to your heart and what makes you happy. You will be amazed at the energy that will go thru your body as you fill yourself up with love for yourself and others. You only have one life.

Always Move Forward,