Mission Statement

A life coach is not a counselor nor a therapist, it is someone to walk beside you and help you find what is inside of you to get up and get going and lead a balanced life. Coaching involves accountability. I coach individuals, couples and group speaking engagements. 

I work with individuals who are dealing with a loss in their life. I help people move forward by using their loss to help them find their inner strength inside them to move forward, to live their new normal lives.

In memory of Benjamin Feldman

“Ben There” Life Coaching was established in memory of my oldest son Benjamin Feldman who I lost in an accident 3 days before Christmas 2012. He was so full of life and looked at every situation as an opportunity instead of a problem.  Every loss is personal and everyone’s healing is a personal journey. I am here to help you with your journey to be the best you can be.