I dedicate this blog to a very dear friend of mine.

We are all frequent flyers when it comes to bouncing around the past, present and future. We do it continuously. Call it lessons learned (past) call it a to-do list (present). Call it goal setting (future).

The challenge is spending our time in the place it will do the most good.  This can be done by prompting action in "THE NOW" .

Master Time Travel: Time travel is something we do frequently and with great ease. How often have we told ourselves to try and visualize the future?

Even when someone is living in the present- living in the now- we still may not be achieving our desired results. Could this be because of excess baggage we drag with us from our past?

We might do well to adapt the guidelines and restrictions placed upon our luggage when we fly (in real time) out of town. The best advice seems to be, the less we bring with us the faster we will pass through the check points and reach our desired destination.

One Bag Only Please.... the future we dream about is like the narrow security checkpoints in the airport terminal. We can pass through them quickly and easily provided we are not carrying anything that will hurt ourselves or others. The bags we carry-on must be limited to one and must be small enough to pass through the "Time Machine"

If we are lugging an enormous trunk full of yesterday's baggage, we are simply not going to fit through the gap. Even if we check this extra luggage, it will only cost additional time and effort at Baggage Claim. Do we really need to bring all this stuff with us?

In reality, we can either jettison our baggage from the past or go nowhere fast. Happy time traveling!

Thank you CTA

Always move forward,