Grief and Low Self Esteem

I see many people going through life with low self-esteem or the same emotional roller coaster patterns over and over.

If you live in fear of what other people think, of them rejecting you, or you possibly rejecting them by not meeting all of their needs – You will never be happy. It is you who will suffer.

You because you are not being who you are. You because you are not leading from your core. You because you are trying to be everything to everyone instead of everything to yourself.

Ultimately the only person who will never leave you and who you will always have to answer to is yourself. No one else in your life is forever. No matter what you want to believe.

DO what makes you happy. SPEAK what is your message. LIVE what is your truth. LOVE because it is who you are. And attract those people who are meant to be there.

Surround yourself with people in your life that love you for being YOU.