You Just Miss Them............

I dedicate this post to my friends at " Wake Compassionate Friends"

When your life as you know it comes rushing in like a gentle breeze from time to time its ok to grieve. Its time to clean out the room and the closets and go thru pictures that make your heart miss a beat. Everyone is different and should move at their own pace when making that decision to take on that. Once again this is your own pace.

Several people choose to do this on their own and some never can bring their selves to do it. Once again what ever your choice is the right one for you. It is just another chapter in the grieving process. Some people decide to do it alone , others invite friends. It is a very hard thing to do to walk in your child's room that you know he/she will never sleep another night in it. To smell every shirt that they wore and go thru their favorite things as the memories rush back to you.

Take your time and cry if you feel as your heart breaks for your loss. My other two sons Mitchell , Greg and I have talked about it as a plan to wait until the weather gets cooler and spend a weekend together and make a few days of it just the three of us. We will all  share stories, cry if necessary but more importantly to support and pick each other up when necessary. I am so blessed and realize it everyday of my life that my 3 boys are truly the love of my life and I am a very lucky mother with so much love for each of them and them for each other.. To others my heart goes out to you when you decide to do this for your lost one. Try and remember all the good times and how lucky we were to have had the opportunity to be their mom, dad or brother and sister to them for as long as we did.

May your hearts remain strong and always move forward,