When Your Life Is Out Of Balance

This post is dedicated to all of the hopelessly hopefuls that try to keep peace in their lives by making everyone else happy at the sacrifice of their own emotional needs.

When we live our lives for someone or something else this is when our own emotional needs will never be met. I refer to the word needs very carefully. Everyone has emotional needs not to be confused with being needy. Our emotional needs are as individual as we are people. When a person's natural emotional needs are being met healthy behavior usually follows.  Life Coaching is to help you discover your needs on your own, reach your full potential that you have inside you that has been stuck and is ready to grow.

This is much easier said then done. It requires courage, the will, the hunger for growth and change in our lives. Boundary setting and sticking to it and follow thru are a big part of change.

You may ask yourself how does this have anything to do with grieving and loss. Well you see it has everything to do with it. When you live your life for others and you only want to make everyone else happy then without even realizing it you will lose your own identity. Therefore the loss is with you. This state of mind does not allow you to reach you full potential and self purpose. With achieving your self purpose comes self esteem, security and confidence to move forward.

Many people choose to live in what is familiar and with that they feel it is their security. Afraid of change whether it be relationships, job change or anything they have always known. A persons past is no indication of their future. You are in control and have a voice in your life.

Don't  fear change. Having faith , courage and believing in yourself you will discover that personal growth equals peace.

Always Move Forward,