Finding Your Strength In The Face Of Tragedy

I dedicate this blog to dear friends who never give up. We all have the pieces inside of us to build the strength we need. It is just when we are broken it is hard to know where to start.

 Bad things will eventually  happen to everyone.”   There is really not  much you can do to prevent trouble, some of it is simply the unfolding of life.  The hard part and the challenge, is to accept life's heartache as part of the journey, to learn from them and come out stronger and wiser, rather than  create  a lot of chaos and drama that will eventually lead you down a path of misery.

We  all deal with  our tough times in several ways. One approach is to crouch down  and complain and use your bad times to keep your comparisons alive to the experiences of others: “You think that’s bad, wait till you hear what happened to me!” But no one can possibly judge another’s hard time or determine whose is worse. Your tough time is tough and it is yours you own it.. Then there are those who take this concept of ownership too far, by winding their hardship in a ball of secrecy — such as the man who got laid off his job but tells  no one, pretending to many in his life that it simply didn’t happen.  Or the person who suffers silently to herself as a close family member spirals downward from substance abuse. Attempting to hide a hard time shows you don’t understand the most basic thing about it — everyone gets kicked by life sooner or later. Only when we can start  accepting what has happened to us, then the journey will start our healing process and the rewards are bountiful .  What happens in much the way we accept growing up  This is  as a part of life filled with challenges and all sorts of feelings, including humiliation. We all experienced it and we all understand.

Always move forward,