Give Yourself A Break ...... Take Your Time and Never Give Up!

This Blog is dedicated to those of you who feel they have failed or haven't measured up in life because they feel they have lost the art of patience and given up.

We want what we want now and become disappointed when things don't happen on our time. Truth is that we have no control when it comes to the path that our life follows.

Take a breathe and wait for what is for yours and NEVER settle. When we choose to  settle for things  we do not give ourselves the opportunity to grow.  Patience is not something that comes easy. Start by setting a goal for yourself. Then follow the process and move forward and grow.

  • When establishing a new goal in life, decide whether or not you’re in it for the long haul. Be realistic and prepare yourself for possible delays in the process. Keep focusing on the goal but also be very aware of the steps you need to take (whether they are small) to reach the outcome you want.
  • Accept that at times you may have to take a few steps back to find a new path. Try and enjoy the progress you are making as well as keep reaffirming the final desired outcome.
  • Try as much as possible to live in and enjoy the present moment rather than worrying about what needs to happen in the future. The practice of mindfulness is a great detox for the mind, which can just be about taking a few minutes to notice what’s around you  instead of listening to endless mind chatter.
  • Impatience can mean giving up if you don’t get something right the  first time. If you’re struggling with a new task or skill or decisions in relationships just  leave it and come back to it a bit later with fresh eyes. The main thing is not to let impatience take over and entice you to give up!
  • Be tolerant, not just with others but with yourself. The person who suffers most from your own impatience is YOU!
  • Be aware that life passes quickly, and that an investment in our future instead of an immediate result is a healthy mindset  Because the best things in life really ARE worth waiting for you!