Where Did The Time Go ?

Do you ever ask yourself this simple question? Where did the time go? All of us have heard this before and have asked ourselves that very same question. Some of us our lives are so busy that we are constantly running from one place to another without absorbing our previous stop.  Late night talking with your dearest friend. To the next thing you notice it is 1 o'clock in the morning. Then of course seeing loved ones only on special occasions. My how you have changed. You are all grown up. The elderly are starting to get those wonderful character making wrinkles and their hair is now turning grey, We ask our self where did the time go? Most of us feel if we could only get a couple more hours in our day we could finish what we have started. I tell you the only thing that is true about time is that you do not get it back. So you see in conclusion to this we all agree that time passes way too quickly. So be sure to make every minute of your day count.

But what about the people whose have suffered a significant loss in their life. So that thought process is just the opposite. Time tends to stand still. The morning turns to afternoon and the afternoon to night. Only to feel that time is standing still. For those of you that are experiencing this be kind to yourself. You are experiencing a loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship or any type of loss. You start to feel the shift that  your life as you knew it will never be the same. Change another contant that is guarrenteed in our lives. Take the time you need to mend and learn to carry these in your heart. For this is something that you must go through to get to the next chapter. 

So now we have established how time effects each of our lives. I challenge you to take the 168 hour challenge. There are 168 hours in a week. Start by subtracting your work,sleep,driving and anything else that takes time out of your day. I think you will be suprised to see that you might find a few extra hours in your week. I know that I was for sure. Not big on goodbyes I prefer until next time!

Always moving forward,