The Homestead - The Next Chapter

I dedicate this blog to a family so close to me that I call them my own.  The house is finally built and the family is ready to move in. All the excitement, the dogs and the house sits on lots of land as far as the eye can see. A beautiful pond with roaming deer that would come to the fence for their 5 pm feeding every day. The love and memories this house has is one that will stay in our hearts forever.

As time goes by the three children grow up and all get married. Have the own families and are at the home every weekend sharing their childhood memories with their own children. Oh you can still smell the wonderful meals that were cooked in this house, I was so lucky to be a weekend regular growing up and shared in all the love this family has.

A few years ago the mom started losing her memory, The anxiety grew for her as  she felt the changes in her heart. Her beautiful home, the deer she feed so many times, the long walks to the pond with her children and her beloved husband were slowly slipping away. This is when we knew she was diagnosed with dementia. A very cruel yet blessing disease for those that have to go thru it.

There were decisions to make and big changes were happening for this lovely family. The mom had to be placed in a facility but fortunately enough the dad was able to get a place that was across the street. Their children and their grandchildren come visit all the time.

But the homestead was sold and everyone's lives has changed. This past weekend we had the last cookout of 1000 out there to relish in the memories and to soak in all the love one could do. The rooms were empty and a home that was once filled with laughter was suddenly silent.

This family has lost the homestead but they will always have the memories to keep in their heart. When we lose something in our life that represents our security and our family it shakes us to the core. But my friends our life is a journey of chapters that we are never to know but are build off our prior chapters.

The tears will flow for the loss of their changed life however there will be excitement for the next chapter to come along. The glue this family has will be an unbreakable bond for live. I love each and everyone of you and thank you so much for allowing me to share these memories with you.  Love, Polly